A bespoke collection inspired by botanicals. Artist Sarah Kalidis applies her painterly designs to original art, textiles, furnishings and furniture.

 Proudly designed, printed and handmade in Sydney Australia.

“I love watching the transition from pencil to paper, through to upholstery fabric for furniture”.

Sarah Kalidis, designer and artist for Studio Onethirty

Thank you for supporting locally designed & made

Studio Story

Designed by Sydney artist Sarah Kalidis; printed in Sydney; handcrafted by local artisans.

Our aim is to keep Australian made where possible; from our furniture to our fit-out, and even right down to the details like tags and trimmings. Each piece from the Studio Onethirty collection has been lovingly made, and the result is a range of products bearing unique handmade characteristics.

Our ethos is to nurture Australian grown talent; by keeping production local and encouraging hand craftsmanship, we embrace the slow living culture now shaping our society.